mercredi 4 avril 2007

Bus stop. Petulu

After the cremation; the bull's face is a symbol of a politic party.

samedi 31 mars 2007

The praying II. Bentuyung

The praying I. Bentuyung

People gather for the final pray, the dark is coming.

Sorrow. Bentuyung

The last ritual, this is the symbol of the dead people.

Escaping from the smoke III. Bentuyung

Escaping from the smoke II. Bentuyung

Escaping from the smoke I. Bentuyung

The smoke is suffocating and some people rather like to escape in the next ricefield.

lundi 26 mars 2007

Procession III. Bentuyung

Procession III. Bentuyung

Offerings. Bentuyung

Offerings are bringed to the temple and the cemetery where will be processed the cremation.

Under the banyan tree. Bentuyung

Sarongs I. Bentuyung

Hair Bentuyung

Sarongs II. Bentuyung

Double. Bentuyung

Happy motherhood. Bentuyung

Passing time. Bentuyung

Women generations...

Woman. Bentuyung

Lost in her thoughts. Bentuyung

Under the sacred banyan tree.

Procession II. Bentuyung

Arriving to the temple.

Procession. Bentuyung

From the village to the temple.

The wall. Bentuyung

The grand son.


The younger grand-daughter.

The grandma. Bentuyung

Dressing. Bentuyung

Kids are ready for the big cremation; not yet the grandma...

Women. Bentuyung

Sitting all along the bamboo shrine for the dead people symbols....

Che. Bentuyung

Contrasting Bali...

Girls. Bentuyung

dimanche 25 mars 2007

The bamboo gallery IV. Tegalantang


The bamboo gallery III. Tegalantang

Men put the name of each dead people on top of his compartment.

The bamboo gallery II. Tegalantang

The bamboo gallery. Tegalantang

In this bamboo gallery, each family have his place for the bones , portrait, and objects for the ritual. Women are cleaning the yard, the ceremony will be processed a few days later.

Burning. Tegalantang

Burning the garbage before the funeral ceremony. Under the shelter are the animals in wich will be burned the bones of the dead people.

Weeping I. Tegalantang

Cleaning the ground for the funeral ceremony.

Laundry III. Bentuyung

When you are a girlin Bali, you have to help your mother in doing laundry, for exemple, here in a tropical vegetation.

Laundry II. Bentuyung

Laundry I. Bentuyung

Corner glance. Bentuyung